Contribution to a successful future
Leverage resources that provide funding for long-term support of scientific,
social and infrastructure programs and university projects.
Rector's Message

Dear alumni, friends and business partners of Almaty Technological University!

Communication with our university, participation in its destiny and formation of corporate culture and solidarity is a noble mission of those who took place in life and profession.

At the initiative of the Association of Alumni and the Board of Trustees of ATU, the corporate foundation ATU Endowment was established. The Fund accumulates financial resources from graduates, business partners and friends of the university and directs investment income to support talented youth, research, socially vulnerable students, etc.

We invite everyone to take part in the formation of the corporate foundation "Endowment ATU" and make a feasible contribution to the noble cause of supporting young people. .

Any of your gift will be accepted with gratitude, and your name is inscribed in the newest history of one of the oldest technical universities in the country. .